I'm gonna keep this one short & sweet. 

I've known Cameron & Kelsey for years now, I've gotten to photograph them several times for various modeling situations (because they are so hott, duh), but getting to photograph them together for THEIR OWN engagements was a dream come true. 

Ever since I found out about this driftwood beach about 3 years ago, I've wanted to shoot there, but knew I needed a couple who was down for anything (and for the 6 hour drive, eek!). When I pitched the idea to Kels & Cam, Kels shrieked with excitement & I knew we were in for a fun time. 

On a rainy July day, we road tripped north, hiked a mile to the beach, & ran around like giddy children taking photos for hours. It was legitimately so much fun & worth every single mosquito bite that plagued my body for the next week and half. We shot until there wasn't a drop of light left in the sky & my camera would no longer focus which you will be able to very clearly tell by the end of blog. ;)

To say I am a million trillion percent obsessed with these photos is an understatement. And to say that I love Cameron & Kelsey with my whole heart is also an understatement. 

Well I guess I didn't keep this short & sweet at all, but enjoy the photos, all thousand of them because narrowing it down was basically impossible. <3