Simply put, I love people.

& I love taking photos of people.

I want you to feel like I’m your friend, not just your photographer.  You know, the friend who’s fun, but when it comes down to it, they also make sure everyone gets home safe? That kind of friend. ;)

I want to learn about you, go on a photo adventure with you, laugh/cry/hug/dance with you & then give you a collection of images that will make your heart explode with joy. 

For me, photography is all about celebrating life & the incredible people who live them.

I want to do that with you. You in? 


Random, non-photo related, fun facts about me- I'm pretty keen on...

  • Traveling & adventuring any chance I possibly get
  • Eating chips & queso
  • Drinking IPAs
  • Going to Starbucks too much
  • Dancing all the time & anywhere
  • Eating bagel sandwiches & Cheez-it Party Mix 
  • Going to the beach
  • Having dinner parties or basically just any kind of party/excuse to gather people together & enjoy life
  • Listening to waaay too much teen pop music.

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