Nick & Lindsay // Casa Feliz Winter Park Wedding

Nick & Lindsay are carefree, kind, silly & true adventurers to their core. From the moment we met, I could feel their lightness. They approached the wedding day with such sincerity- letting the details fall where they may & truly living in the moments of celebrating their love. 

Nick is a super talented photographer & it was really cool to see how he incorporated his skills into the day. He had various cameras by his side along the way, capturing moments from his perspective. 

All in all, they are incredible people & I hope you enjoy.



Corey & Annie // Serenbe Georgia Wedding

I almost have no words for how perfect this was. 

From the full of character getting ready houses, to the impeccable style of every little detail, to the sprawling fields & towering forest- & those are only the visuals. 

More notably, Corey & Annie fully immersed themselves in the gravity of the day. The tender notes written, worshipping while exchanging vows, the intimacy of holding one another at dusk when we stole away to the horse field- they dwelled in each moment as it came. 

It was an honor to bear witness to this beautiful union. I hope you feel it all as you scroll through their story. 



David & Kiana // Rollins Chapel Winter Park Racquet Club Wedding

Kiana & David- some of the sweetest people around. Add in their next level fun family & friends & it was hard for the day to anything short of a blast. Plus any day that includes a sunset cruise is top notch in my book. I love the Rollins Chapel/ Winter Park Racquet Club combo for this very reason- so many pockets of good light & photo goodness! 

Enjoy <3

// Second Shooter: the master, Jeannie Albers


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Keith & Andia // Intimate At Home Maternity Session

We settled onto the floor of their living room. It was raining, there was a Laura Mvula record playing over the sound of the drizzle. When Andia scheduled the session a few weeks before, the significance of the date was lost in the bustle of coordinating calendars, but sitting there then, exactly 1 year to the day, since their dear son was laid to rest, it felt divinely arranged. I watched as Keith & Andia each created a piece of art inspired by the memory of their son. They worked quietly, periodically breaking to exchange a smile or admire the others progress. 

The pieces were hung by their bed, followed by a slow dance of covenant embraces. With every sway, every step, I could feel their joyful anticipation for this new child filling the room. Andia's radiant smile, they way her head tilted towards the heavens in laughter. Keith's tender grasp on her stomach, the gaze in his eyes when they were resting on her.

It was holy ground.

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Michael & Carlin // Winter Park Mead Garden Wedding

During our consultation, we sat on the back patio of a favorite local bar sharing happy hour IPA's. During the engagement shoot, we took a break for tequila shots & finished the night laughing over burgers. At every step of the way, our hangs lasted longer than the photos & pretty soon Michael & Carlin felt more like friends than clients. 

I really couldn't ask for more amazing people to be around - they are intentional, kind, lovers of people & all around super quality humans. 

Love ya'll forever. <3