Cameron & Kelsey // Driftwood Beach Engagement

I'm gonna keep this one short & sweet. 

I've known Cameron & Kelsey for years now, I've gotten to photograph them several times for various modeling situations (because they are so hott, duh), but getting to photograph them together for THEIR OWN engagements was a dream come true. 

Ever since I found out about this driftwood beach about 3 years ago, I've wanted to shoot there, but knew I needed a couple who was down for anything (and for the 6 hour drive, eek!). When I pitched the idea to Kels & Cam, Kels shrieked with excitement & I knew we were in for a fun time. 

On a rainy July day, we road tripped north, hiked a mile to the beach, & ran around like giddy children taking photos for hours. It was legitimately so much fun & worth every single mosquito bite that plagued my body for the next week and half. We shot until there wasn't a drop of light left in the sky & my camera would no longer focus which you will be able to very clearly tell by the end of blog. ;)

To say I am a million trillion percent obsessed with these photos is an understatement. And to say that I love Cameron & Kelsey with my whole heart is also an understatement. 

Well I guess I didn't keep this short & sweet at all, but enjoy the photos, all thousand of them because narrowing it down was basically impossible. <3 


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Winston & Adrienne // Atlantic Center for the Arts Intimate Wedding

I sure love me some intimate weddings - Winston & Adrienne's was no exception. It was such a relaxed day & it truly felt like Adrienne & Winston were slowly soaking in each drop. They leisurely got ready with the help of their parents, then braved the rain for some portraits. The literal moment we stepped outside for the first look, the skies unleashed. With a little bit a sweet talking, we were able to convince an art gallery manager to open after hours so we could duck inside while it monsooned. This "Plan B" turned out to be the best thing we could have asked for- portraits in an art gallery are pretty much a giant YES for me. 

My favorite moment of the day (& probably top five for weddings this year) was the holy space that came immediately after Adrienne & Winston were pronounced husband & wife. They both exited the chapel, tears streaming down their face & spent the next few minutes in this sacred atmosphere of emotion. I felt so honored to bear witness & I've choked up every single time I scroll through that portion of the images. 

It truly was a special day with two incredibly tender, kind, warm & intentional people.

Winston & Adrienne, you are lovely. 

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Jamie & Suz // Winter Park Racquet Club / Rollins Chapel Wedding

Jamie & Suz, man what is there even to say? Sometimes you just get lucky & I mean REALLY lucky.  From the moment I met them in their Brooklyn walkup, we clicked. Throughout the whole process, Suz texted me photos of her dress, her accessories and highlights from her Bachelorette weekend. She even sent me a care package when I moved into my new house- this girl is beyond thoughtful. By the time the wedding came, I felt like I was there to watch my friend get married rather than be a random vendor. 

This is what I hope for with all my couples & I'm so blessed that it's usually the case, but Jamie & Suz just went above & beyond making me feel at home. 

Their wedding was amazing & one HECK of a party. Anytime the night ends in half the wedding guests jumping into a pool is a MAJOR win in my book. It couldn't get better than this. 

Jamie & Suz- ya'll are warm, welcoming, alive & have the most contagious excitement for life. Knowing ya'll has been a blast & I can't wait for many more hang times to come! 

Ps. Shout out to Rachel Burkhart, second shooter extraordinaire! 



Neal & Michaela // Santa Barbara, California Greenhouse Wedding

Driving up the winding road to the Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm in Santa Barbara, I could see the greenhouses, the cactus fields, & the coastal cliffs. My heart was exploding with excitement & I thought "there could not be a more magical day". 

Turns out my gut was right- it was perfect beyond perfect. 

Michaela & Neal treated us like family & their friends did the same with no exception. Left & right I was offered food, wine, & hugs. I even ended the evening on the dance floor sandwiched between Michaela & one of her bridesmaids talking about how sad we were to leave each other because we'd had so much fun. 

Neal & Michaela share a sweet love & so intentionally created the most beautifully designed & special day. There really are no words, so here is about a million images to tell the story for you. Enjoy!

Ps. HUGE shout out to Jamie English for being the most epic second shooter, assistant, & friend I could have asked for on this day. She's so talented! This day was also made most epic by coordinator/event planner extraordinaire Tyler Speier & videography master John Burman. It was a dream team on all accounts!