I sure love me some intimate weddings - Winston & Adrienne's was no exception. It was such a relaxed day & it truly felt like Adrienne & Winston were slowly soaking in each drop. They leisurely got ready with the help of their parents, then braved the rain for some portraits. The literal moment we stepped outside for the first look, the skies unleashed. With a little bit a sweet talking, we were able to convince an art gallery manager to open after hours so we could duck inside while it monsooned. This "Plan B" turned out to be the best thing we could have asked for- portraits in an art gallery are pretty much a giant YES for me. 

My favorite moment of the day (& probably top five for weddings this year) was the holy space that came immediately after Adrienne & Winston were pronounced husband & wife. They both exited the chapel, tears streaming down their face & spent the next few minutes in this sacred atmosphere of emotion. I felt so honored to bear witness & I've choked up every single time I scroll through that portion of the images. 

It truly was a special day with two incredibly tender, kind, warm & intentional people.

Winston & Adrienne, you are lovely. 

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