Where do you live? 

I am currently based out of Orlando, FL, but I’m always on the move. I love this city, but I also love exploring the world.

Will you travel to take my picture? 

HA! 1,000% YES. I live for traveling & love nothing more than getting to photograph people in a place that makes them come alive. So wherever that is…let’s go there!

My passport is always current & I usually have half of a packed/upacked suitcase on my bedroom floor at any given moment so I’m always ready to go. ;)

How long will you be at my wedding/how many hours will my engagement/portrait/etc session take? 

I am a huge believer in Full day coverage. What exactly is Full day coverage, you ask?  Full day coverage means exactly that, I want to be there from when you start getting ready till when you exit. My greatest priority is to capture true, quality moments that tell the story of your day & for me, this means being present as those moments unfold rather than attempting to recreate them to fit into a certain amount of allotted hours. Once you book, we will talk scheduling of the day & figure out a perfect timeline to make sure nothing is missed.

For engagement & portrait sessions the same philosophy applies. With me, there are no specific time parameters placed on a session. We take the day as it unfolds, having fun, & taking our time to get the best images possible. On average, these sessions take anywhere from 2-3 hours depending on the quantity of locations as well as the various location’s distance from one another.

Are you Licensed & Insured? 


Will you give me the photos & can I print them??

In short, yes & yes! OF COURSE! ;)

All wedding, engagement, & portrait sessions include the digital files of the finished images as well as a print release which qualifies you to reproduce the images for personal use at any printer of your choosing. DREAMTOWN, however, retains the copyright of the images.

How many photos will we get? 

A LOT. For real, I am notorious for delivering a hefty amount of images, but I just can’t help it because your faces are just so dang cute. ;) If you’re a numbers person….around 700-1000 for a full wedding day & 100-150 for an engagement/portrait session. Of course this varies per the nature of each individual event, but I can guarantee you won’t be shorted! 

How long will it take to get our photos back?

Wedding images are delivered within 8-10 weeks of the wedding date. Engagement & portrait images are delivered within 4 weeks. While I always try for sooner, it depends on the busyness of the current season, but you are guaranteed images within the above timeframes! :)

I/we aren’t photogenic / we don’t really like having our picture taken. Is that a problem?

NOPE! I completely understand that not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera. Heck, for most of you, this might be your first time ever having professional photographs taken. That is 100% okay. We will work together to make it fun & find the space where you feel most comfortable. There’s no right or wrong/ good or bad- you just be you, show up, be willing to trust me & together we will make some great images.


All your questions answered?