Today's featured cuties are Matt & Katherine.

I've been friends with Matt for about 4 years now & when he started dating Katherine last year, she & I became fast friends as well. I absolutely love when friends become clients!  It's so much fun because "work" feels like a casual hangout, but just where you take lots of photos & make your friends kiss. Haha! At one point during the session, I was shooting some far away shots & they snuck a quick kiss. I immediately started running towards them yelling "HEY!! YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO KISS WITHOUT ME!"  We all laughed at how weird that sounded, but it basically sums up why working with friends is the most fun. You can be weird & they aren't going to fire you (probably/hopefully). Haha :) 

I not only had so much fun with these two, but I was so happy to share in their love for each other. The giddy, cuteness shining through these images was all them. With little to no prompting from me, they were just so naturally comfortable & kind with one another. They certainly made my job easy! 

Matt & Kat, I'm thankful to be a part of your relationship & so excited to see how you both grow together in marriage!

Love you guys!! <3

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