Back in the end of August, I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago and second shoot a wedding with one of my best friends, Shannon. It was an amazing trip filled with so much laughter, meaningful conversation, and delicious food. All of our days seemed so incredibly blessed by the Lord, as one awesome thing kept happening after another. From perfect weather, to free lodging from the insanely generous bride who lent us her apartment while she was on her honeymoon. It was just all around awesome. 

As you will see, this blog post might as well be titled "Shannon looking pretty in Chicago", because basically I only took photos of her the entire time. But hey, she's a babe, can you blame me? 

Here are some images of our wanderings and scattered in there are a few photos Shan snapped of me on my camera. To see more from our trip, you can check out her post here!


// Downtown Explorations //

// Lake Michigan //

// Rooftop Views //

// Donut Time //

// Wicker Park //

// Sunset //