David and Tara's wedding day was such a sweet one for me. I've known Tara since high school & while we weren't super close, it's been fun to keep up with her life from afar. She is one of those people who always makes me smile whenever I run into her around town. She is always so friendly and kind. 

When she inquired with me for her wedding, I was so thrilled, but I was even more excited when I was able to meet David & see how sweetly he loved her. 

Watching Tara, her son Eli, & David become a new family was one of those unforgettable sacred moments for me. I won't soon forget watching tears roll down Eil's cheek as he watched his mom say her vows or the way he cried from the sheer joy of "getting the dad he's always prayed for". It was such a beautiful, hope filled day & every time I look through these images, I feel it in my heart all over again. 

I hope you do too.

Ps. Huge shout out to Jeannie Albers for being an epic second shooter on this one!! <3