In the beginning of the year, I partnered with Honey Jewelry Co. for a wedding photography giveaway.( Sidenote: If you haven't seen Honey's rings yet, you need to go do that immediately. They are my absolute favorite jeweler & I could not recommend them any higher. If you need a ring, they are gonna make you the best possible version of that ring. Trust me, just do it!)

This was my first time participating in such a large giveaway & I was a bit nervous not knowing what to expect. The fact that it turned out to be such an incredible experience is beyond me. From the moment I showed up at Melissa's parents doorstep, she & Ray greeted me with bear hugs & laughter. 

Since their actual wedding day was pretty tight schedule wise & it was really important to them to get great portraits, Ray & Mel, opted to spend the whole day before with me. To say this was an honor is an understatement. My gosh, it was a great day. We took our time, got ready in her parents bathroom, had a sweet first look in her favorite neighbors yard, ran across the street to take photos with a donkey, & they even treated me to their favorite food truck meals before we set out to the Salt Flats. This was the highlight for me because we had hours in the car to talk about life, share our stories, listen to music, & just simply become friends. To top it all off, we were racing the sun, ended up parking on the side of the interstate, climbing over bushes, water, & railroad tracks to find the most perfect little pocket of Salt Flat where all the magic happened.

The following day they wed & dance partied into the evening with friends & family. Ray & Melissa touched my heart with the story of their love & gave me hope in places that had long felt hopeless. The tenderness in Ray's touch as he holds Melissa's face. The admiration in Melissa's gaze when she's looking into Ray's eyes. The way they make each other laugh. All of it. I loved getting to witness these little nuances of their love. 

Thank you thank you, both for the incredible hospitality, kindness, & openness with which you shared yourselves with me. I loved every minute of my time in Utah with you both & your families. Can't wait to come visit! ;)

Okay okay, enough of my sappiness, here are the photos!!