I'm so excited to share this insanely beautiful Southern wedding with you today! Laura Leigh & Aaron wed back in mid-November on a perfectly overcast day in Mobile, Alabama. I lived in Alabama for 5 years during my college days, but never made it down to Mobile- I'm certainly glad this wedding gave me the opportunity! I was so charmed by the town- it's quaint streets, local bars, & incredibly kind people. We sure got a dose of true Southern hospitality when we arrived at our Airbnb after driving 9 long hours & couldn't get inside. Our next door neighbor noticed our dilemma & without hesitation welcomed us into his & his wifes' home to change & freshen up for the rehearsal dinner! The hospitality was unreal! 

Back to Aaron & Laura.... there is SO much to say about these two. They have a "made for movies" story on how they met on an airplane & continued that thread of romanticism throughout their relationship with surprise flights across the world to profess love, etc. I mean, you can't make this stuff up, people. Well you can, but I'm not. :) Being avid romantics, these two do love in a grand way & their wedding certainly reflected that. From start to finish, everything was beautiful, every little detail planned out! I could keep talking, but I'm gonna let the large (probably too large) quantity of images below do the storytelling.

 Last thing I'll say is if you're wondering why it appears Aaron & Laura are hanging out the broken window of their get-a-way limo, it's because they totally are. In one of the strangest, funniest turn of events, they somehow managed to release the emergency exit latch on the window & as they pressed their faces to the glass to wave goodbye, the entire window fell to the ground & shattered. And I mean the entire window of a stretch Hummer limo. It was quite the sight, but everyone took it in stride & it made for one heck of an exit! 

PS. Shout out to Jeannie Albers for being a mega bomb second shooter!