This sweet & intimate public park wedding was truly a special one. Brent & Diana are friends of mine & they both possess the most gentle & tender heart. 

There was so much anticipation & joy built around this day & it was so lovely to be there as a witness alongside their families & closest friends. Their vows were intentional, raw, & carried so much weight. I remember pausing behind the camera for a moment, taking a deep breath & thinking, "wow, these people get it." They weren't just repeating for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness & in health. They live it. They have lived it & will continue to choose into it everyday. Being there, I was overwhelmed by such a stunning picture of covenant. 

It was all so beautiful, so honoring, so significant. 

Brent & Diana, I pray many many blessings upon your new life together. Love you both.