A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to go to California & witness the baby gender reveal for some of my best friends, Abby & Julian.  On a sunny Sunday afternoon, 50 of their friends gathered on Redondo Beach to learn the exciting news. Prior to the party, a trusted friend was given the ultrasound result & tasked with preparing the colored powder. The day of the reveal, everyone huddled in close, closed their eyes tightly, & were given cups filled with powder. On the count of 3, cups flew, pink powder billowed into the sky & the epic celebration ensued. We spent the afternoon running around covered in pink & screaming "I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S A GIRL!!!" 

This was the second gender reveal party I've been given the opportunity to capture- both of them for amazing friends. I'm basically obsessed with them & the images they produce. There is so much joy & happiness that surrounds these events & it's incredible to be a part of them! Keep them coming people- I will do this all day long! 

I'm so so so overjoyed for Abby & Julian and CANNOT wait to meet sweet lil baby girl H. She's gonna be the raddest chick, I just know it.