It's hard to even know what to say about this elopement/wedding because it was such an all around lovely experience. All I know for sure is that this will go down on my most favorite weddings lists.

Matt & Ash wanted to do things a bit differently. A big, traditional wedding wasn't for them so they decided to take their nuptials to the mountains. We drove up the windy roads of Lookout Mountain together, they held hands as we walked to the edge of Sunset Rock. After snapping a few pictures, Matt looks at Ashleigh and says "Babe, you ready to do this?". They settle onto the furthest point of the rock. Matt's dad is the officiant. Ashleigh is beaming. Fifteen of their closest friends & family gather around. Then & there they exchange vows & see the last 10 years of their journey together come to fruition. 

It was that simple & that significant all at the same time. 

It was truly a beautiful day to be a part of. Nothing could have made it more perfect. The weather, the location, the people, the love, the story, the hearts. All of it was glorious & I am so so so happy I was there. 

Matt & Ash, I love you guys lots. Can't wait to know you for many more years to come! <3

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