For my first real blog post, I thought it would be appropriate to feature Joel & Emiley. Joel is an extremely talented artist & motion graphic designer & has been a wonderful friend to me throughout the process of building DREAMTOWN. He spent countless hours brainstorming, developing, tweaking, and fixing my mistakes when I would pretend I knew how to code a website. He played a huge part in the creation of this site & I am so grateful!! 

Joel was recently offered his dream job in New York City & while I was super sad to see him go, I couldn't be more excited & proud that he is pursuing his dream! Before he moved, he & his lovely girlfriend Emiley wanted some photographs to commemorate this season of their relationship. They had the idea to document them in familiar settings doing little things that held significant meaning to them. When they mentioned the idea, I was so so excited. To be honest, it's my favorite kind of shoot to do. I absolutely LOVE couples lifestyle sessions, just getting the privilege to catch a glimpse into their world & producing images that reflect bits of their life together. It's so genuine & honest; & brings me so much joy to be present in those moments. 

We started the day making some fancy coffee and cuddling on the couch. Then we brought out the bikes, visited a local hangout, cheesed it up in a favorite photobooth, & ended the day once again, cuddling, in the back of a coffee shop as the last rays of sun peaked through the fingerprint filled window. Joel & Emiley were perfectly them through it all & I had the most fun adventuring with them. 

I hope you enjoy this couples sweetness!