A few months ago I flew up to Selma, Alabama to witness the most exciting gender reveal in the history of the world. My best friend, Kate, & her husband, Brett, live in Selma & were hosting a backyard gender reveal party to announce their coming babe. Kate is an amazing hostess & hands down the best, most impressive person in the kitchen. The night before the big reveal she casually whipped up some seriously intricate desserts. (You can see her handiwork in the photos below.) The impressive spread included, a from scratch strawberry cake,  homemade eclairs (!!!), & my personal favorite, miniature ice cream cones lined with chocolate & filled with this crazy amazing whipped cheesecake concoction. I'm not a huge dessert person, but I was stuffing my face with those things! I was not alone, it was not unusual to see a party guest double-fisting the mini ice cream cheesecake cones! 

Okay, I'm done drooling now. Back to the important part of this blog- the baby! Kate wanted to reveal the gender in a very exciting & creative way. She thought through a lot of options, but decided on filling balloons with colored confetti & hoped for a picturesque moment. The best part was Kate & Brett waited till the party to find out the news so they could share in the excitement with everyone at the same time. (Be sure to look at the slideshow below- their reactions are the best!) One of Kate's trusted friends was the only person who held the secret, she read the ultrasound sealed in an envelope by the doctor, went into the house to fill the balloons with the appropriate color, & brought them to the yard for the big moment. Kate & Brett's immediate family gathered around, while the rest of the party guests watched with great anticipation. There was a countdown, a "POP", & a lot of screaming as pink confetti rained down revealing... IT'S A GIRL!!! 

Crying, hugging, & lots of celebration followed. It was an unbelievably exciting moment to be a part of. I am so happy for my lovely friends & I cannot wait to be an Aunt.

Baby girl Wood, I hope you look at these photos one day & realize how loved, valued, & celebrated you were even before we ever saw your beautiful face. This is just a glimpse of the joy your life is going to bring to this world. Can't wait to meet you! Love you so much lil babe.


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